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The trails at Nant yr Arian are fantastic! A mix of man made trail and natural singletracks that go deep into the Cambrian Mountains. The Pendam, Summit and Syfydrin flow there way in and out of the forest, but there are some 'off piste' trails that offer so much more to the area. Link NYA with the Mach trails, and its a BIG day out. Add the new pump/skills area to the mix, and there is something for everyone.




Dyfi has always been a challenging place to ride, and even following the ClimachX trail can give you a stern wake up call if your not giving it the respect it deserves! But away from the trailhead are the original enduro trails that date way back into the 90s with MX/Enduros carving trails all over the place.


Today, they make up much of the route on the Dyfi Enduro/Winter Warm Up and a few other events, with sections like Elephants, Dicko's and Builth all firm contenders to wear the crown for best trail in the forest. You can easily spend a day blasting the trails, and never see a soul.



The Brecon Beacons in south Powys have an unmistakable ridge line that can be seen from miles and miles away. For riding, they offer big climbs in many directions, including the popular TramWay from Talybont. But that's not where the excitement is, top out on any of the bwlchs (saddles) and its an adrenaline fuelled ride down the otherside.


The Gap is great anytime of the year, but its also great to get away from the crowds and off the beaten track.



Brecon Beacons


The trails above have great way marked routes, but offer so much more if you know where to look! We offer bespoke weekends from Coed Y Brenin all the way down to the Brecon Beacons for groups of 6 or more riders, single day/multi day rides including accommodation and food.


Get in touch at and we'll sort the rest.

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