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'Ride to Recovery Powys' is a joint project and partnership between Sport Powys and Mountain Bike Wales.


Working together with health and care services from Powys County Council, Powys Teaching Health Board, local GP practices, and third sector organisations, the project aims to inspire and empower people to get outdoors and improve their sense of wellbeing and happiness through cycling. 


Trying to recovery from a prologued period of illness both physically and mentally can be very difficult for all of us. The longer we struggle to become physically fit to and well again, the faster our metal wellbeing can deteriorate, creating a spiral of despair that is difficult to bounce back from.

In the past, doctors and specialists would prescribe medication or other physical activities that they felt were in our best interests. But was it really the right choice of treatment? In recent times the medical profession has started asking people with both physical and metal illnesses "what really matters to them most? What do they like to do? What interests them? What really makes you happy?"


So 'Social Prescribing" or 'green/blue prescribing' has been an alternative solution offered by many health and care professionals for some time. Focussing on a persons interests and hobbies, whether that be arts or cultural experiences, painting, music, crafts, to outdoor activities like walking, cycling, bird watching, have all been prescribed to people to aid their recovery both indoor, and out with great success. Stimulating both the mind and body together.


This is where 'Ride to Recovery Powys' comes in. Electric bikes have revolutionised cycling over the passed 10 years, making the sport even more accessible to a wider range of end users. They're great for people who haven’t ridden for many years who often lack confidence and fitness to ride a traditional bike; people who are coming back from injury or trauma; our older generation who don’t want to stop cycling due to their strength not being what it was; young people from deprived areas and are socially excluded due to financial poverty; hard to reach ethnic minorities where cycling isn't possible. There is also the question of post COVID related issues where a number of people will have developed social anxiety and fitness issues from long periods lock down.

Ride to Recovery Powys aims to meet the needs of any individual who would benefit from an emtb (electric mountain bike) session with one of our instructors in a safe environment that will support and empower people to grow in confidence, have improved social interactions, learn new skills, and accelerate your journey to improved wellbeing. 


We use the Trek Rail 5 625, an electric mountain bike built for for big days out whether that's travelling around the park, forest roads, or local trail centre.


It features a powerful new Bosch drive system that's basically like having your own shuttle. It boasts 160mm of travel up front, and 150mm on the rear, making it a very capable bike for all terrain.


Being able to use a comfortable high end emtb will ensure you have a great session with as much, or as little power as you need.


For more information on Ride to Recovery Powys, contact your local GP in Powys or direct by calling us on 07790761859 to discuss how we can best support you with a EMTB session. 

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