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We are the Trans Cambrian Way specialists. We live, work and play on the trail every day from our lodge in the heart of the Cambrian Mountains. It really is our backyard!

Our accommodation providers and friends across mid Wales help make our guided tours the best on the market with a warm welcome, great food and drink, and a cosy bed to curl up in after a long day in the saddle. They know just what we need!

With a minimum 10 open tours each year, and bespoke tours on request, there is a Trans Cambrian Way to suit everyone.

"The one thing I wanted from the weekend was fun, but I got a bit more than that...

"Instead of being just a mtb ride on some good trails over 3 days, it became an adventure and an experience. You allowed us to be immersed into your community. And I think without those community engagements and relationships you've forged, without your local knowledge and history, without your stories and without your passion for what you do and where you live it would be just that 'a good ride" Chris Barwell, TCW, June 2018
Where does it go?

The  Trans Cambrian Way is a long distance mountain bike route that snakes its way through the heart of mid Wales, and climbs over the oldest mountain range in Europe, the Cambrian Mountains.

It's 106 Miles in length (approx 175km) and takes in around 13,000ft of climbing, Starting in Knighton on the border of England and Wales, finishing at Dyfi Junction just south of Machynlleth.

Most groups like to take three days to cover the distance, but with  both challenging terrain and the 'occasional' rain shower (we know, it's Wales!) can often make the days a little harder. So it's nice to roll up at a B&B, put a clean change of clothes on, and have a well earned rest and a drink at the end of a long days ride.