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Trans Cambrian Way in 3 words...

Trans Cambrian Way in 3 words 1) Excellent 2) Challenging 3) Rewarding. Just do it. Day 1 I would say was an easy intro, it's all relative as you will find out. Plenty of ups and downs on grassy trails, with stunning opportunities to view the Welsh countryside. I say opportunity as the weather really needs to play ball to capitalize, unfortunately for us it did not on this occasion, but it is Wales and it does rain sometimes. All I can say is you can only get wet once, then who cares and the climbing keeps you warm, so don't worry about it. Day 2 the longest day and I have to say for me personally the most challenging physically by far ('Puke Hill' and 'Dead Sheep Pass' were personal favorite climbs of mine!) whilst non of the TCW is super technical, the technical content starts to tick up a little as well. There are also lots of river and stream crossings to contend with, it is awesome fun to watch others fall in whilst trying to cross, until its your turn and ohhhhh Sh*t your in as well. As I said you only get wet once, so who cares. Again the views are awesome if the weather plays ball. Day 3, the most technical and for me the best, more single track and 'Trail Park' like down hills to get your grin on. Massive long down hill, super fast off the tops right down to the valley. But beware your climbing for the day is only about half done after that! with 3 big climbs (4 actually but Phill likes to make out the 4th is not categorized so its 'Just part of the furniture'). Then on to Dovey Junction for the finish selfie and high 5's and man hugs all round. For a fun time you will need: a) A good bunch of lads b) A good bit of grit and determination  c) Mountainbikewales Big thanks to Phill and Polly. Phill is a consummate professional and this thing works like clockwork. Personally I would have been lost immediately and the local knowledge (of trail and pubs) and snippets of information are really useful to have at your disposal (plus he takes all your photos so you don't have to worry). Its all  super easy, except the riding, and the banter is good. That is what you want right? We had a great time and I would not hesitate to encourage someone to give it a go. Phill, we will see you again. #transcambrian #Wales #mtb #findyourepic #justride #midwales

Craig Linley 

Trans Cambrian, Foel Fadian

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