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Ride, pint and a joke or two...

Tegid on the final 'drop' into Mach

It's been a while since I met up with Tegid and the crew over in Mach, but when we do it's always a class session. For Tegid, it was the first May bank holiday he's had off in 18 years, being one of the key guys for the annual Dyfi Enduro. But as the ground was saturated, Joe had no other option than to cancel the event.

The upside was a weekend off for Tegid, Mach Comedy Festival was in full swing with Rhod Gilbert and other comedians wandering around, and the weather was glorious. Perfect for a ride, pint, and some comedy.

So Tegid picked out the loop, a short but fun filled 15km of butt clenching descents on old loam in the woods above Mach. You get so used to riding a particular style of trail, rock, grass, wide single track etc, but narrowing it down to slow speed, steep and technical trail was just what the bank holiday weekend ordered.!!

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