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Not so 'wet' now eh Alex?!

Alex and his race face on Black Cottage

Another nice surprise in April was the return of Alex (and friends) and Chris, both of whom came on the TCW in 2017. For Chris it was early in the year, and glorious after the driest spring in decades.

For Alex though, it was a different story. It rained, howled and battered him and seven other friends for the whole weekend, survived to tell the story, and wanted more!

So when he asked for better weather on April 20, I said "sure, no problem, I'll book it now" with my crystal ball in hand. True to my word, Saturday was bloody glorious, and the skies were blue, sun was hot, a little too hot for Matt who went pink, then red very quickly!

A great weekend with plenty of banter both on and off the bike.

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