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Elan Valley - Easter

Polly and the rest of her ducklings...

Our first weekend of the year saw the return of Jo and friends from one of last years Trans Cambrian tours. It's always nice to see friends return, and Jo is an absolute love. She loves nothing more than being outdoors (and Terry) and her enthusiasm is infectious.

But for Jo it brings it's own challenges, she suffers from Lupus disease which affects her joints and muscles, breathing, and is in all sorts of pain. But she never complains.

We knocked out a very hard 49km on the Saturday, in some 'typical' wet conditions. Thankfully the warm fire at Ty Morgans was roaring, and a celebratory gin was had for our achievements.

Day two was more of an enduro style day by doing some of the more challenging loops including the steep Miners Path, always a winner!

Great start to the Easter holiday and our guiding season, and many thanks to Jo (and Jim who booked but was injured and could not come) for their company. See you in 2019.

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