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Black Mountain Epic

The Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons were scorching, hotter than the sun!! Ok, a slight exaggeration but hot, dry and dusty nonetheless. Two groups joined us at Perth Y Pia for an epic weekend of riding. Sim and friends kicked the weekend off early with a blast up the Blorenge on the Friday, epic views and a nice relaxed ride.

Polly was welcoming everyone else into the accommodation, fire pit alight and a welcome beer from Ludlow Brewing Company. With 16 riders taking up every bed, we decided to bivvy out on Table Mountain. A great night sleep (beer helped) and woke to the most amazing sunrise.

Saturday was the classic Black mountain Loop, some 45km of hard trail with the hike a bike up Y Das. Not an easy day by any means, heat playing a big part too.

Sunday was the classic Gap loop in the Beacons, an absolute blast as ever!!

A great weekend of riding some big mountains, and fine food from Sarah and Dave our caterers.

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