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A dedicated guide to keep you informed on our planned activities for 2020, how Coronovirus is impacting upon our business and partners, and what you can do to have an amazing adventure and mountain biking experience with us later this year, or in 2021.​.

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It’s this time of the year that we normally start to feel very excited to be getting out on the trails, meeting new people, seeing old friends from previous tours, and visiting our friends and partners who work with us in the local community.


This feeling is the same for many of you too, especially when your tour may have been booked for over a year. Aside from the excitement, you are also asking yourself ‘did I train enough’ to turn those winter miles into summer smiles.

However given the storms we’ve had in Wales of late, training rides have been rather limited!


But all this excitement of a new start to the season and new adventures have been absolutely wiped out due to COVID-19. The impact of this new virus is devastating, and will affect all of us in some way over the coming weeks and months ahead. We sincerely hope that you can maintain a high level of both physical and mental health and wellbeing during this difficult and challenging period.

We will remain hopeful that it will pass quickly as the warmer weather arrives, and look forward to new beginnings later this spring. Everything crossed!

So what’s our future plan of activity?

Firstly, myself and Polly would like to thank you for your kind messages of support, for your patience, and for sharing your own valuable knowledge and insights, and flexibility during this difficult period for us all. It really is very much appreciated.

We are closely monitoring the situation of the Coronavirus outbreak and keeping in line with guidance from Public Health Wales, Public Health England and UK and Welsh Government, as well as local updates from Powys Teaching Health Board.

For more information visit

As you know, we live in the most sparsely populated county in England and Wales, and will spend 6-8 hours in the remote wilderness, so we have very minimal contact with people even when it’s normal and busy, carnival weekend in Rhayader aside! But we have to be mindful of your health and wellbeing in the first instance, and those we come into contact with along our journey.

However our highest priority has to be you, our guests, and your decision as to whether you join us this summer or not is entirely your choice, and we fully respect that under these extreme circumstances.

Our accommodation providers are being hit hard too, and are already feeling the pinch despite making every effort to remain open for business with hygiene being their highest priority. Again, they are looking at national guidelines as to whether they can remain open in the foreseeable future. So we need to be mindful of this too.

Tours from Aug 1, 2020 onwards are now running, but this is still a very fluid and dependent on advice from Public Health Wales. So we will assess each tour as they get closer and pass.

So we have a few choices for you to consider; either move your booking to later this year; postpone and move it to 2021; or refund if we cancel the weekend.

Firstly there are still limited spaces on the following Trans Cambrian Tours that you can transfer onto. We would simply move your payment to that date once you resubmit your booking form.

July 9-12

July 23-26

September 17-20

Secondly, we have added additional tour dates that you can also transfer onto later this year. A few of you have done so already, many thanks for that! Again, we just move your balance over.

September 10-13

October 8-11

Thirdly, you can defer your booking for another year with a 10% discount. We will hold onto your payment and roll it over. We will publish next year’s dates very soon as they are always a mirror of the year before. If you would like to do this, please give us an indication of which date, and we will match.

And finally, a full refund for tours that are cancelled. We would need your name, tour date and BACS details to process payment.

However if your tour is scheduled to run as it is safe to do so within national policy guidelines to COVID-19, then please see our terms and conditions at We do also understand that you could have some anxiety during the summer, so are flexible in our approach to meeting your needs whilst trying to operate as a business.

We hope the above information gives you a few options to be able to plan an adventure for this summer and autumn.

For us, like all small independent businesses, these are very challenging times and we thank you for your continued support and look forward to seeing you in the future.

If you are concerned with any of the above information, or would like to contact us with any question, no matter how big or small, then please contact us directly on 01686 414699 or 07790761859 or email at

Stay safe and healthy,

Phill, Polly & Suki x

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